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a short fat dick or a dick that is wider than longer. or someone who is short and fat
you choud!

John D. has a choud
by V-Pain January 20, 2006
supposedly a penis which is wider than it is long. however the correct spelling is 'chode'.

Def 1: a 'chode' is a exactly what is is explained above....

Def 2: A chode also can refer to the space between the penis and the asshole, or vagina and asshole. this is also known as the 'gooch'.
Dude its chode not choud!

Def 1: "i aint screwing you, you have a frickin' chode/choud"


Def 2: "i think i have a STD, my chode/choud is really burning!"
by ITFCCCU September 30, 2009
A short but wide pennis. Wider than long! Almost the same shape as a 'Hollands Meat Pie'
Boy: (Drops Pants)
Girl: "Oh my days, you have a choud, it looks like a pie"
Boy: And can i get some peno
by Mike Hilton November 20, 2007
to sick ur dick in to a pussy
lund phudhi cha phassonu
tu salla mhachoud
by baljit January 26, 2004
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