A Jamaican word used as an exclamation of disgust, and even affermation, depending on the way it's said. Used along the lines of "Damn!" or "Sh**!" and even "Raatid!"
So why she behaving like that? Cho! (disgust)

Cho, she look nice eeeeeh. (affermation)
by Ozman March 08, 2005
The word 'Cho' is a word commonly used in mild anger. To use the word most effectively you must clench your fists with your arms at shoulder height but tucked in, then lower them as you say it in a whispering manner.
-: Mr Mike, you appear to be wearing a Melon on your head
-: Ah yes.... Cho
by IB1 May 04, 2006
Constant Hard On, or some lame dude with cheesy pick-up lines.
Did you hear what Mickey said? He's such a CHO!
by BQ baby August 23, 2011
mad cunts.. sick cunts... not OTC, OTP, or OTC mainly people that have swag, are fly, and are of ethnic background
A cho is someone who is extremely good at car dougie
by zvibull matsif June 18, 2011
an asian guy who acts like a white guy acting black. usually is really fake and tends to back stab. happens to be really bad at lacrosse, and talks with a strange semi-retarded accent. is obsessive over Natural Lite beer otherwise known to these people as a common drink for a "laxbro".
"lax and Naties" is a common saying for a cho.
yo man your acting like such a cho with the way your talking.
by frank chriss February 18, 2011
1. Harry Potter's first girlfriend, who could never stop talking about her dead ex

2. A sick and evil fuck who shot up Virginia Tech
Cho said to Harry "Cedric's wand was so much bigger than yours!"
by bender87 April 16, 2010
An term for for your closest bro....usually a chick who you have shared many drunken life changing experiences with. Ie: table dancing: Puking in random boys apartments: Being drunk in North beach..... Similar to dude but with more Latin flavor... and only used by chicks

Alia" Cho where you get that bruise
Lisa: Cho i think we fought in the street last night
Alia: Cho it cool i still love ya
by Cholia February 03, 2010
Used as an informal greeting when the words hi, hey and hello become boring to you. Often repeated more than once back-to-back in a voice that may be higher and a little more laid back than your usual (almost as if saying it in a "hello tune" way).
Cho cho baby! Whut's Good?
by DoWork May 20, 2008

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