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- a vagina that is bigger wide then it is long. Or another name is a FUPA

- A wide Vagina with a small hole inside to put your penis, unless you have a chode

- what Females do around the house for Males

- "A female chode"
She is such a fatass, she must have a chore

Wife do this chore for me! You are such a chore
by saltychode1269 December 29, 2011
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A word used in replacement of sure or yes, in a sarcastic use, meant to be said while slightly laughing or grinning, while still meaning no

A sarcastic yes, for a comedic effect, but still means no
Bro #1: Hey bro, you wanna lend me your boat for the weekend?

Bro #2(laughing): HAHA Yeah, chore buddy... chore

Bro #1: awww man
by chorebuddy September 15, 2011
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cheating whore
yeah, brah, that girl was such a chore. i hadta ditch her.
by hayleyhaiku September 27, 2011
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Northern expression for 'mate' not necessarily implying previous associations to someone who steals or who is some type of whore! - a expression used between friends.
alright then chore?
by BrunetteCurls September 06, 2010
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A word to make british girls go down
Chore to the Floor!!!!
by Bodankadank March 24, 2007
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(noun). A person, typically a female, who's presence is so onerous and burdensome, it is both mentally and physically draining to even be around this person. Activities that can lead to one's becoming a chore include, but are not limited to, whining, incessant talking, attention-whoring, thievery, being demanding, being clingy, and having an overall cunty disposition. Chores also tend to have annoyingly high pitched voices.
D'rell: Did you see that bitch B.K.z. brought over?
Jerome: Yeah, bitch was a total chore, dawg!

"Whores before chores."
by T.C.z. August 15, 2007
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Chore means when u have to do something that will take long/ages!
Mum: Daniel, go down to the shops and get me some bread.
Daniel: What? Thats long!!
Craig: Get me, thats a chore!!
by afc July 30, 2005
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