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The feeling of euphoria one experiences upon completion of a particularly tedious task.
After I finished painting my apartment, I had the biggest choregasm!
by Choregasmo August 19, 2007
extremely happy from cleaning; gets an orgasm from cleaning
I highly enjoy cleaning and get a choregasm from it.
by Jen99 September 08, 2008
1) Bringing one's partner to orgasm out of a sense of responsibility after you yourself have climaxed.
2) Masturbating as a regiment of socio-psycho-sexual maintenance.
1)"Yeah, man: Julia's so good in bed that I come during the first five minutes. I usually feel a little ashamed after, though, so I go down on her as compensation. Oh well: a choregasm's better than nothing."

2)"I give myself a choregasm before school to avoid getting an erection during the pledge of allegiance."
by panthill September 18, 2006
Sucessful completion of the sex act, but only after outrageously exhaustive efforts. Usually used to describe a rather un-satisfying sexual experience which one has been working very hard at achieving and, upon completion, does not think it was worth it.
"Lisa was playing hard to get. I had to take her out six times and spend a fortune on her to get laid, and then all she did was lay there and complain the wholetime. What a choregasm!"
by Frank Klaune November 22, 2003
The sound you make when asked to do your chores. Usually a deep moaning noise.
Parent-"Honey, will you please do your chores?"
You-"AAHHHMMMM....(thats the choregasm) can I please do it later?"
by alecengland June 11, 2007
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