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The exact quantity needed for the construction of a single chop.
Duke Angelo: Ay, what shall I do? Verily, I am dryer than the antediluvian plains of Africa, and my lone Swisher be-stales itself apace.

Nicolo: Peace, my lord! I have procured for you, from a most generous and dutiful peasant, a small sack: no harvest-festival bounty, to be sure, but most certainly a veritable chopsworth.

Duke Angelo: Truly, you alone shall be my son, and the rightful heir to this kingdom.

--from "The Courier's Tragedy," Richard Wharfinger, 1788
by T. Drometheus Chopworthington January 14, 2010
One to two grams of marijuana. Enough to roll a chop. A chop is a fat blunt of bomb.
Lemme get a chopsworth!
by Chop Chopenstein September 09, 2009

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