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fun, used in other words as : crackin' or hittin'
Man i went to this party last night it was choppin' there was bitches everywhere.
by Kir'stie May 26, 2005
a nice car thats fresh and has nice wheels and a nice sound system
looks nice and clean

a ladies "shit"
yo bro, that car is choppin

hey bro check that girls ass out man, its choppin
by double d April 14, 2004
To Run
The po po came and believe you me, we started CHOPPIN like a muhfucka
by Rob September 07, 2003
givin head; oral sex for those who are a bit...slow, shall we say?
That chanch was choppin up my nigga
by Shanda04 June 12, 2003
To sit down and email your group; get thangs you need to say out through email.
I was up all night, choppin to Cherhit, the Duke, and Snake Russell.
by Tad Caddy June 17, 2004