Very finely chopped up marijuana and tobacco. Preferably chopped up with decently sized kitchen cutlery on a cutting board, or just any hard surface for that matter (whichever you prefer) and mixed together as if you were creating your own "chop-salad." Once the product is finished being chopped, take the concoction and precisely pack as much as physically possible into a bong, pipe, or bubbler (bong is your best bet), and enjoy.

Also, it's customary when smoking chop in the presence of "virgin choppers," that nobody speaks of the effects of chop chop, but rather just let the victim rip the shit out of the bong and let him marinate in his own sudden intoxication.

**DISCLAIMER: Some may become uncontrollably addicted to chop-chop, however, we are not to be found responsible for any addictions that do occur after reading this excerpt**
Man 1: So, whatcha wanna do for the next hour?
Man 2: I dont know, wanna smoke some chop chop?
Man 1: Yeah, I guess
Man 3: What's chop chop?

Man 1 and 2: *pause* ..... just smoke it yo!
by SCRiMF October 18, 2010
A quick way of expressing the act of robbing people, preferably drug dealers.

Heard first from Sudanese gang members in Australia, embraced by others close to them. I.E, Jamaicans
Naf : Wahgwaan this weekend mi boss? we need fi mek som money an fass!! wah yuh seh mi bredda??

Luka Luka: Chop Chop?

Naff: Yeh man, fi real!!

Luka Luka: KABOOM!!!
by J.AA March 23, 2011
A quick way of expressing the act of robbing people, preferably drug dealers.

Heard first from Sudanese gang members in Australia.
Man One:
Whats going on this weekend? we need to make some money and fast, what you recon?

Man Two:
Chop Chop?

Man One:
Yeh man ok.
by Jamdon Sudo January 28, 2010
Slang term for illegal tobacco, either stolen or sold by the farmer himself under the table to avoid taxes.
Chop chop is very cheap. You can get a shopping bag full for about $50.
by William Friesen September 29, 2005
fat chicks or muffin tops or just playing big or fat belly fatty fat chick overweight plumper porker tubby bbw chunky whale hoggy junk in the trunk hogger big tits ddd cups chubby chaser love handles e-cup plumper pumper
diam Joe, am i drunk or is that chick needs to chop chop? i don't now lazy eye i think she needs to chop chop.
by mohamed hassan December 03, 2008
women who is a little bit fat or chunky bbw whale chubby chaser chunky lardass fuck hogging ugly gay gross beer fat chick tubby muffin top lard love handles overweight fat girls cunt huge penis chub factory badonkadonk fat bitches fugly boobs big girl one night stand cellulite cock swamp donkey girls curvy porker fat women fatty plumper fattering chubble butt jugnormous nail the whale pig muffin double d glutton
am i drunk or is she needs to chop chop? i think she does need to chop chop lazy eye.
by jay arra thomas December 04, 2008
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