A good song, often used sarcastically
This ABBA album is full of choons!
by GoldenYears1977 March 12, 2014
a word often used by lower class scottish youths(neds) usually glaswegian
to describe their unoriginal music
aye get the bangin choons on the go
by stuiebt February 10, 2009
A musical tune
dj manic pumpin out dem wikkid choons
feelll da bassssse
by jms October 25, 2002
Top tune
"Hundred Mile High City" by OCS is a choon
by Anonymous October 25, 2002
Thin strip of facial hair extending from bottom lip to underside of chin resembling the landing strip on a poon; chin + poon = choon
That gentleman has a sporting choon upon his face.
by Jessephani January 10, 2010
An extremely wierd/goony/nerdy individual
Look at that choon. Arthur's a straight choon.
by Dexthagodfather April 03, 2007
Synonymous with "Shit." Used to express distaste or poor quality.
"This burger lastes like choon." "Get your choony-ass car out of my driveway." "Plans are choon for this weekend."
by Korthos January 06, 2004
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