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Choodie- We dont really know what this means, although a lot of people ask. So this is why we made this in the first place. =] Its basically a word for anything. It originated from the word "Shoodies" which is a slang term for "shoes"..that me and a friend of mine made up on a terrific trip to wal-mart.
1. "Awwww, look at that little choodie over there!"
-this form of choodie refers to a cute little child or animal or anything else freakin cute!

2. "Hey Choodie, whatchu doin?"
- this form of choodie is substituting a name. for example, instead of Erika saying Hey JENNIFER what are u doing...its hey CHOODIE. =] And when you call your friend that, your friend is also allowed to call you choodie in return.

3. "Lets go get some choodie food!"... and "Aww Choodie, look at this little choodie shirt!"
-also, there are many different "items" that refer to choodie..kinda like choodie has its own style. for instance, prep, emo, scene, hxc, thug, redneck etc.

now...quit asking us.
by Jennifer Marr and Erika Willis February 11, 2006
1. A legal or illegal Mexican immigrant who is economically and socially challenged yet continues to flourish.

2. Mexican counterpart to those who are white trash.
Wow, look at all the choodies in the back of that car.

That choodie house has a lot of cars parked in the driveway.
by Choodie Chewbaca December 14, 2008
slang for nigger;
can be used as a pro noun to describe a relationship between two people
most common reference is a noun
nigga, niggah etc. al.(noun)1.describes an ignorant, uneducated, foolish individual regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
2. endearing term between two or more individual to describe a friendship or bond.
1.Shut up, choodie.
2. Brandon, you my choodie.
by zigzagman1 March 21, 2011
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