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(noun): The act of masturbating while taking a shit.
"Hey, I was just taking a chooban, what's up?"

"I was just in the bathroom, and the guy in the stall next to me was totally doing a chooban."
by VonLonginSchlong September 08, 2014
A slang term referring to the Roman emperor Choobanicus. Can be used in a complimentary fashion (as Choobanicus was a great man). Can also be used in a derogatory manner.
Complimentary: "Hey maw, you're a chooban!", said Munky.

Derogatory: "Fuck off, chooban!", said the posh twat from the Pirates! review.
by Timothy J. Consolvanius April 22, 2006
Someone who talks about a subject they clearly know nothing about
Check out this chooban! Who uses the return-key in a videogame?
by Augustine Vaperwaroz March 29, 2009
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