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the liquid that comes out of someones arse just before the solid shit comes out of the anus. Basically a liquefied shit
oi mate giz a drink of ur warm chongo juice
that guy has just let out so much chongo juice i might go for a chongo lad
by scrotum mcscot scrote July 03, 2012
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The name given to jungle juice because monkeys live in the jungle and chongo means monkey in spanish.
The chongo juice fucked me up, and I had a huge hangover at work the next day.
by Ace is the Place June 03, 2007
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the name given to jungle juice when you don't know how to say jungle in spanish and you just say chongo because it means monkey in spanish
We drank a five gallon jug of chongo juice at the hut.
by The helpful hardware man June 15, 2007
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