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chubby, fat, "Big-boned"
Ella esta bien chonchis.
¿Donde esta la chonchis?
by Maria Fernanda June 23, 2005
1)Your lover who is also your besfriend. Your better half.

2) It can be used as a nickname such as "baby", "babe", etc...

3) Silly but it a cute way

* Chonch or Chon for short.
* Chomp is a variation.
1) He's my Chonchis, I met him at university some years ago.

2) "Hey Chonchis! How you doing? I missed you."

3) "You're such a Chonchis! Come here, give me a kiss."
by thepomps March 05, 2012
Meaning fat, chubby, chunky, in sanish...
Ay mira la chonchis comiendose 3 burritos.

Stop being a chonchis fatty1
by Chonchis101 March 26, 2007
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