Top Definition
Another word for Coochie,Crotch,Vagina,Cunt,etc
Hey Choncha!! "Her Choncha was Go0o0od!"
by Ra tat tat tat April 03, 2005
Mexican slang for a homosexual male (usually a closet case) who believes he can convincingly pass as a masculine heterosexual, despite possessing some blatant homosexual qualities or personality traits.
Really bad ass tattoos, but a pierced belly-button and shaped eyebrows?!?...Could he BE a bigger choncha?! He ain't foolin' anyone.
by pks007 June 10, 2011
Loves to eat Yet she keeps her body in shape.
kind loving, honest and just plain sexy.
average size breast but enough for satisfaction.
Great in bed and an even better girlfriend
Someone you take Home To Your Parents
forgiving and sensitive but dnt get on her bad side because lets just say it wont end pretty
Damn choncha looking fine today like always with that ass of hers!!!
Choncha just fucked up that bitch over there ! I didnt know she had it in her !
by Snickers_Bars November 09, 2011
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