Chat Homo. A person who's life revolves around internet "chat rooms". CHOMOs often experience anxiety, depression, frustration and anger when their favorite chat room goes offline or modifications to the chat room are implemented. Forum moderators are subsequently bombarded by bitching, whining requests to "PLEASE FIX CHAT!!"
"The problem isn't that you don't know who's in there, it's that you never know when to log in because you don't know if anyone is in there. The usual chatters are just having trouble getting together."
- response by a CHOMO when the "who is in chat" icon goes down
by DIVE WATCH CONNECTION August 03, 2011
A child molester who likes children of the same sex
A guy who likes little boys

Did you know Curtis is a Chomo?
by c_g September 26, 2008
Another name for chocolate milk
I could really use a tall, cold glass of chomo right now.
by superchache89 April 28, 2010
A homosexual male, who happens to be a cholo as well.
Those two tough looking cholos were actually a gay couple.

You mean they were Chomos?
by El_Chupa_Cabra September 29, 2009
slang for a homosexual, cholo. Cholo is hispanic slang for gangsta.
That is the gayest Chomo I have ever seen. I'm not certain if I should be scared or be laughing at him
by d00dle June 07, 2010
A half bred cholo/emo. Most commonly found with obnoxiously large multicolored hair, occasionaly a pompadore. Wears pink shirts, biker vests, and skinny jeans. Also can be referred to as a person from Greece.
"Dude, who was that guy whose ass you kicked last night?"

"He was a total fucking chomo."
by, that is my real name April 04, 2010
1.) Referring to a person who does something that is not favorable.

2.) A Child Molesting Homosexual

3.) Disliked person
ex.) I was chillin' with Curt and Gary today and Curt has become a super chomo.

Chomo's wear orange.
by K-Fame December 05, 2007

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