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A Chinese person who usually possesses a graduate level degree working in an academic, biotechnological or pharmaceutical setting who has demonstrated a disregard for contact with their American coworkers.
Hey look, that chombie is working 80 hours a week and is asocial.
by aslkdfgjsalkfjaskl September 22, 2010
A brain-eating, reanimated individual of Chinese ancestry. Typically encountered driving slowly on the freeway with their left blinker on.
Jake: Dude, I just saw that chombie driving by again in your old man's Buick!

Travis: Damn dude, those chombies are taking over the neighborhood!
by Yikka June 29, 2009
A zombie with the peculiarities to the location of greater China. In short: A Chinese zombie
I don't think we should be walking around the tomb of yueh feh at night guys. There's bound to be Chombies about.
by Dewigger January 07, 2008