Cholo- acronym- chu only live once
Hispanic man goes bare back horse riding. No reason other than. CHOLO (Chu only live once).
by snakob February 06, 2014
A mexican (but usually any person of latin american decent) who dresses in hand-me-down clothes and fake jordans, usually the same thing everyday. Not all hispanics are cholos though, as cholos are usually douchebags, people who believe that as a latin american they have the god given right to fight anyone that stands in their way. Cholos are usually hated by white and black people alike and they only associate with other cholos. they are a huge problem in american high schools, but considering they are in fact cholos, you wont see them after graduation. usually can speak fluent english but decide not to.
cholo: aye meng what good
white person: stfu cholo
cholo: aye meng ill break chor face
white person: COOOL
cholo: really? im cool? o dios mio im cool!!!
by Mikey_Butders October 18, 2012
In Ecuador, used to describe a person that is low class, has very little education, and ussually very little money. Different from a mexican cholo, it does not imply any gangster behavior. The mexican slang equivalent is a naco. Cholos speak differently than the rest of the ecuadorian population, they mispronounce many words and use their own slang.
Que cholo que es mi chofer! En vez de decir fuiste?, dice "fuistes?"!
by Ma. Belen January 10, 2006
cholo is a hispanic gang member specifically of chicano heritage.
'ey those cholos are trippin'
by Ponchito Corzón February 09, 2004
A Cholo is a Hispanic person with Down Syndrome. They usually drive Crown Victorias that look like police cars. One characteristic of a Cholo is their obsession with spray paint. When not painting gang graffiti under a bridge, they can put it to use as an inhaler. Cholos love to steal and HATE to work. The more illiterate and violent a Cholo acts, the higher his/her ranking and street credit are. Unlike most people with Down Syndrome, a Cholo can breed with almost anything, usually picking a subject of equal but not greater than 60 IQ pts.
Because a Cholo's vocabulary is limited, they use primal signs they flash or "flatch" at each other when one is in another's territory. An audible response or warning of the same degree might sound like this, "Wha choo lookin' at holmes? Dis my hood esse!"
by J. Illuminati August 11, 2008
While most North Americans know cholo as Mexican slang, it's also a common term among Cantonese-speaking Chinese and Chinese-Americans, particularly those from Hong Kong. It connotes a coarse or rough male, usually in his teens or early twenties. Oddly, it's pronounced exactly the same.
Nay ho chee sang goh cholo.
by eloh June 14, 2007
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