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An adjective commonly used to describe the lowly scradam.

Antonym: wonderfuls
Boy, scradam sure ees luckies to have Shawshaw for a girlfriend.
by Dordo April 06, 2005
An adjective commonly used to refer to the celebrity Shawn Stuart.

Antonym: luckies
Shawshaw ees vereh vereh wonderfuls.
by Dordo April 06, 2005
A word now used in terms of excitement - much like "Alright!", "Whoa!", "Yikes!", or "Heck Yeah!". Originally taken from scradish mythology, a Cholo has been said to be a mythical bear-like beast legend similar to Big Foot with buggy eyes, perhaps. These creatures have been noted to wear ties, grit their teeth, and defecate & urinate in the place they stand when sited. When a Cholo is sited, the spotter would yell “Cholo!!!!” in excitement – and thus was derived the modern meaning. Some speculate that Cholos are not real beasts and that they may simply be office workers caught off-guard in bear costumes.
Oh chollo!! I just had an accident all over the floor.
by Dordo March 10, 2005
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