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Salvadorian, noun, slang: derogatory term for homosexuals,literally means ass fucker
Mario is a fucking cholero. We should tell his woman about that puto fag she's dating.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
10 17
A guatemalan word that means a low class individual. It is used to disenfranchise a person or activity. The word has a long history of also being used as a borderline racial slur to people of mixed or indian heritage.
"es un cholero de mierda"
"no soy tu cholero!"
"que choleros esos pantalones"
"no me gusta esa musica cholera"
by Marco Amaro October 17, 2007
25 16
Guatemalan slang for an asshole, a mean person who doesn't have qualms about screwing someone over.

also, an adjective to describe the poor quality of something.
"Mario trato de robar mi novia, que cholero"

Mario tried to steal my girl, what a cho

"que cholero te quedo tu proyecto"

Your project looks really shitty
by E GARCIA June 03, 2007
25 20
a spanish slang for a black ugly mofo who lives on the street jerking of to fat indians and getting high on glue
Molina is a "cholero" he likes fat indias.
by indion April 12, 2005
10 43