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English; derogatory, noun: 1. A woman who, with frequency, has sex with different men; 2. A gay man who, with frequency, has sex with different men; 3. Sometimes used to refer to a prostitute.

This term is never used to refer to friends with loose sexual practices unless in jest, but used almost always towards enemies and strangers fitting one of the 3 above definitions or simply in anger.
Susan is a whore. She fucked two of my brothers and one of my sister's boyfriends and four of his cousins.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
Spanish, slang, noun,adjective: derogatory name for a homosexual, litterally means "like Maria"
That maricon Jose gives great head. Me and my boys got that fag the other night.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
Salvadorian, noun, slang: derogatory term for homosexuals,literally means ass fucker
Mario is a fucking cholero. We should tell his woman about that puto fag she's dating.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
English; noun, derogatory: Ill mannered person (or people), considered socially classless or low class, who may be of any income level, usually regards a lack of education and disregard for "personal boundaries" of other persons.
I was at the country club today and some man put one of his hands on my shoulder and the other hand on my knee and asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him.

Oh my goodness! I suppose there is nowhere to avoid white trash anymore!
by Words20009 April 19, 2009

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