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An Ashkenazi food that looks like mush. It strongly resembles feces, but it taste heavenly.
mmmmmmmm........... that cholent smells so orgasmic
by CtrlAltaDel December 12, 2005
a cholent is a small confused mammal, which is put up the anus during the practise of homosexual sex. This is achieved by forcing a hollow plastic tube through the rectal muscle above the anus, in order to allow a free passage through which the mammal can penetrate the lower abdomen. The tube is then pulled out quickly so as not to allow the creature to escape. This engrossment is known as Cholentation.
Studies have shown that on average, a standard sized mammal of less than 1kg in mass, can survive and remain in the anus for up to 20 hours upon entrance or until defecated. During this time, the “host” experiences various sensations -in the area of the lower abdomen- ranging from pain, throbbing, scratching, biting and shuffling. Once the mammal passes out of the alimentary canal trough the anus, it is usually deceased and mildly digested. However, there are cases when the animal is still living, which is then just flushed down the toilet.
“Ohh!!! I feel that cholent that you put up my ass Stephen!” said Cloughy
by Prince Harry February 04, 2005
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