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A very tight grip on the end of your penis just at the moment of ejaculation, usually accompanied by a scream or grunt.
He had a choke strap on my cock that made it numb and I screamed with delight.
by Gazman April 01, 2004
1. A jock strap that is too tight to be allowed.

2. A jock strap that traces its origins to the numbchucks as street brawl weapons
1. The man's choke strap turned damp and scarlet after much strenuous exercise.

2. There were 3 guys in an alley way. One guy had a gun. One guy had a knife. They got their asses kicked by the guy with the choke strap.
by Davo April 09, 2004
(n.) A strap leading from the bellyband to the lower part of the collar, to keep the collar in place. apparently
I don't have one, but a quick google image search revealed a couple of muscley men doing something that i would rather not.
by bigbox30 April 08, 2004
a black band that is worn around the neck, much like a belt around the waist. has implications during sex and is usually decorated with metallic spikes.
Just go find a goth hangout.
by Mitka April 11, 2004

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