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a superior group of people who are korean who are the shit who are the bomb who like kimchi and who like to get drunk
dude, ali choi is hott
by Ali October 10, 2004
A person who although of Oriental original associates with European friends. When arguments develop this person will revert back to their Oriental origin and then threaten Ninja Skillz
Choi was all calm until I mentioned he was wrong...Then he starts threatening to take out my seed with his Ninja Stars
by Drift Kid August 12, 2006
Used to describe anyone and anything that is way better than any of the other alternatives.
That wave he caught was soo choi!

Flying is a choi way to get around.

I have the most choi lab partner, he actually knows what he's doing!
by Sako700079 June 14, 2011
a general term for green chinese vegetables
That was some nice choi tonight.
by Infinite Legend October 04, 2006