a hoe from Clark High School
(but specifically TWO; Steph & Anna)
Steph and Anna are C-hoes. All the girls are jealous because they take all the guys at Clark.
by Steffay & Anna Banana June 29, 2004
Top Definition
puttin it straight for all yall peeps. choe is money, bread, paper.
Cuz i make so much choe when i be dealin.
by killak June 14, 2006
CHOE! (said in a high pitched funny voice) is an exclamatory word of satisfaction!

If you hear good news instead of yelling YES! at the top of your lungs, you may yell CHOE!
friend: hey my mom said i can spend the night
you: CHOE!
by David choe Wilson March 30, 2010
A small turtle.
Look at that little choe.
by chunker33 September 02, 2009
Choe is a food grabber; that is, he snatched food from unsuspecting coworkers without asking. He also doesnt realize other people eat rice.
Choe: Can I hit that? Can I hit that?
anyone else: Can I at least taste it first?
Choe: Oh...I didnt realize you ate rice...
(second of silence)
Choe: Can I hit that?
by stvp September 08, 2005
mmm mmm mmm choe, its funny when you yell this out in class!!!
mmm mmm mmm choe!!!
by josh earle November 14, 2003
a penis that is wider in girth than it is long.
his penis is only 2 inches long but 5 inches thick. He's got a fucking choe!
by chuffy_mcflannelslap October 13, 2004
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