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foreskin part of the penis....
more words: chodighiyan
maghiya, chodi hauchu?
by painintheass January 27, 2005
A penis that is wider in girth than it is in length.
Frank couldn't insert his chodis through the glory hole.
by blair_one May 03, 2005
A fatass redheaded bitch who chaunces and fucks like a dead blow-up doll.
Dude, Ryan, that chodi bitch rams like my poketpussy -but my poketpussy is at least tight. That DAB is fuckin' burnt.
by chauncy mcfadden November 02, 2003
a dick that is like 3inches high but like 8inches in Diameter
Sure my chodi gave her no pleasure, but boy did it give her a case of canyon cunt
by Hartford Steamer February 16, 2004
A vagina wider than it is high. Definitively the opposite of a chode.It is only possible for a women whit a chodis to engage in intercourse with a man that has a chode.
"Dude I was totally gonna fuck my girlfriend, but when she pulled her pants down she a had a sick, huge chodis!"
by Fred A November 17, 2006
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