a person who viciously strokes chodes,
traditionally clad in meat and beetles
and also, on rare occasions, combined with "snowballing" and moist dung extracted from aging erotic entertainers, which makes it sort of kinky, and makes for bundles of crimson
cheeks and mangled elbow scabs.
Dammit, joan! If you weren't such a chodesmoker, your wrist wouldn't keep swelling up and turning into a claw!Make me a sandwich you saggy bitch.
by bill-muthafuckin'-green,bitch! January 05, 2003
Top Definition
For those of you who comprehend the relevant definitions of the nouns "chode" and "smoker," the connotation of this compound noun, whether hyphenated or no, should be patently apparent. Possibly attributable to either Beavis or ButtHead of the animated series created by one Mike Judge.

n. 1. one who savors the taste of that elegant slab of flesh betwixt the scrotum and the anus;
2. derogatory designation applied to anyone who might otherwise be termed an "asshole."
That chode smoker Sean Penn has uttered yet another absurd public political polemic.
by Maestro35 May 28, 2006
One who sucks the chode.
"Dude he's ghey!.....what a chodesmoker!"
by The Chris June 23, 2003
Someone who orally engages a 'chode' (A Penis thats wider than it is long)
Jamie Cullam is such a chode-smoker.
by Konatone March 10, 2004
One who acts proper and claims to be a civil, reasonable person. Also regards himself as an model human being, with proper and expensive attire. This person acts and looks as if they are perfect...just to make us assume that he does not have a dirty chode hiding in his pants..when truth be told...he does.
CALVIN acts like hes the hottest boi on the market,... when as it turns out hes a chode smoker..
by SAMcal May 07, 2007
One who smokes chode.
Your sister is chill but your brother-in-law is a total chode-smoker.
by prostate August 05, 2005
person who goes around giving any one they find a rim job. or describe some one who is a looser.
That dude carson daily who runs shit ass TRL on MTV is a total chode smoker.
by Thomas kight January 22, 2008
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