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A chode muffin is when your chode farts into your hand and you stick it under someones nose so they could smell it.
German made me smell his chode muffin.
by Douchecake September 26, 2005
A baked good, consisting of chode meat, decorated with little chodes (kinda like how a chocolate-chip muffin is decorated with chocolate-chips.)
Daniel muched down on a chode muffin, blissfully.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 13, 2003
The semen that trickles down the male's chode (the area between the testes and the anus) after he ejaculates. The woman then licks the ejaculate off his chode. This is known as "chode icing" which, combined with the chode, is known as a chode muffin.
1. "Oh baby, I want to lick your chode muffin."

2. "Bitch, eat my chode muffin!"

3. "Oh Jimmy, Eat my chode muffin." "Ok Carlito, anything for you, you naughty boy!" *boing* *Carlito inserts*
by SexyHotWordBitch April 20, 2010
Whipping a fat dick (tim warchols) in a sandwich and then getting someone to eat the entire thing while a 2nd person cummed all over the sandwich, (confusing the person eating it with salad dressing.)
"Dude,kochs mom ate the whole chode muffin yesturday!"
by D.Shea February 24, 2005
A chode muffin is your balls. It's your muffin looking membrane connected to your chode.
Dude I just saw your chode muffin.

Our teachers chode muffin is showing through his pants.

What's a chode muffin? You're balls idiot.

Lick my chode muffin... fag-tard.
by Sal Sloppadilly March 18, 2010
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