Top Definition
1. Somebody who makes a complete ass out of themselves
2. Somone who is really dumb
3. Someone who looks ugly
4. When someone fuck's up your shit
5. Acting very stupid around hot chicks
6. To demolish property

That chode face tried to fuck my car up.
That chode face thinks he's the shit.
He chode Faced that bitch.
by Adam Ohman August 28, 2006
A moron, idiot, asshole that annoys the hell out of you so much you wish to describe him as someone whose face looks like a short and really fat penis.
"You drank my fucking beer Gary? What a chodeface..."
"Pass interference?! That ref is a fucking chodeface!"
by IanBeatbox September 05, 2008
one whose face resembles the area between the scrotum and ass
pretty much all of the citizens of Canada are chode faces
by Chodey McChode February 11, 2006
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