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it is when gay man are having sex and the top's balls are bouncing against the bottoms chode. It is a term used for gay men.
Warren is such a chode slapper. He pounded Steve's ass last night.
by Teabagette April 14, 2005
Someone who slap chodes, or acts like a complete douchebag, whiner, asshole, etc. Chode Slapper is a term used to describe anyone with unlikeable traits or an abrasive personality.
Bob: Dude, Dylan totally stole my wallet yesterday.
Tom: What a chode slapper.

Jessie: God, my boyfriend is being such a chode slapper, he won't buy me prada shoes.
Mara: What a dick.

Tom: The nazis were such chode slappers.
by CroissantLife July 25, 2012