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a state of conversation when everyone one starts using the word 'chode' in every sentence.
Ty: you want a load of chode cheese on your bagel?
Greg: you like your toast with hot melted chode butter?
Ty: how about some chode chocolate for that ice cream?
Charity: Will you fuckers please get out of chode mode before I kick both your chodes?
by Maximus Rex June 13, 2007
30 12
The stage before you get it in.
Veronicas here, matt's in chode mode.
by Doctor Dee October 23, 2010
11 3
Chode Mode is when you stick your penis out of the peehole of your boxers/briefs, yet still inside of your pants. Full Chode Mode, is when you pull your entire penis and balls out of your underwear in the same fashion.
The reason why you are complementing my bulge is because i am in chode mode.
by Newterd January 24, 2010
8 4
when your wanker is in such a state that it is shriveled up to the size of a chode.
Bro it's freezing! I'm in total chode mode!
by hhhhhwhatttt! August 25, 2010
4 4
When your roommate decides to delete your FF9 saves because you'd rather pay bills than do drugs all day.
Fuck that piece of shit and his effort to be responsibility. Goin' full chode-mode on this bitch.
by skeet skeet brah April 10, 2014
0 1
In the mode for chode.
It's chode mode time, bend over.
by Nut Job69 July 10, 2008
5 7
once you enter your "chode code" you enable CHODE MODE (see chode ).
Dude ok put in the chode code...ok...3..2...1... CHODE MODE
by Tyler April 06, 2004
3 18