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When your newborn child unexpectedly pops out black... and you're white.
Steve Nash filed for divorce when his wife had a chocolate poptart.
by lolo_master May 13, 2011
Inserting your penis into your partners vagina then asshole rigorously, then ejaculating on your partners face and smearing the poop from your penis on her face . The brown color and semen represents the frosting on a chocolate pop tart
Becky Loves getting Chocolate Pop Tarts, when she can't be double penetrated.
by Poptarthart January 21, 2012
Anthony Barr's favorite sex position.
Karen: Remember that crazy party where Paul shat in his hand and clapped while he was fucking Sharon?
Tom: Yeah, he told everyone it was called the Chocolate Pop Tart.
by HPdarealest September 26, 2015
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