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a pure strain of cannabis indica! tastes and smells exactly like a hersheys bar, gives an excellent body high
best brownies ever, they got that chocolate chunk bud in them.
by headdyman November 30, 2009
When a female is regurgitating over the toilet, and a male is fornicating her in the anal region at the same time.
You bend over the toilet and throw up while I stick this in your butt. We'll call it chocolate chunks.
by Zack The Stud August 06, 2006
A blurby, sloshy, fat pooper on a chick. The type of woman that has this affliction is usually wearing mules or some other slip-on type footwear because they are too fat to bend down to put their shoe on.
Did you see that chocolate chunk coming out of Panera?
by Fluffy Tail October 17, 2008
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