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Adjective {after verb} UK SLANG FOR

Sorry, I can't make it, I'm all chocka this afternoon!
by Roola September 19, 2007
fuller than full, packed, filled to the brim, crowded...
Mate, this pub is absolutely chockas, let's go to the Strip joint down the road..
by Sawbones October 15, 2005
(Brit, especially Liverpool slang) Adj: Full of strength, energy, power, or ambition.
I am still Chocka! I can have anothor 90 min game play.
by Figoep November 19, 2009
An authentic American food dish made with 1 cup flour, 2 cups eggs, 3 cups brown sugar. mixture is baked with cheese on top and served over salad.
We are skipping the turkey and having Chockas for Thanksgiving this year.
by drbread August 16, 2012
1. A fantasy sports player who is winning their league up until the last week, then they choke, and fall out of the money.
Fantasy Sports Geek #1: Damn, you see Chris choked big time in our league?

Fantasy Sports Geek #2: He is Chocka.
by theWood May 23, 2005

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