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When a male and female are having intercourse, usually doggy-style, and the cock slips "accidentally" into the female's asshole.

If the male continues to chock against the females wishes, this moves into ass rape.

A female may or may not enjoy being chocked. If she asks for another chock,the chocking moves into anal sex.
"Dude i fucked Jenny yesterday and it was going pretty well until i chocked her and she started crying."

"So my bf chocked me yesterday and i kind of liked it..."

"Chock me once shame on you, chock me twice shame on me.
by Trizzaster April 24, 2009
8 11
A chocalate form of the word 'chick'.

This refers to a black woman who looks attractive.
Look at those fine chocks. They is be looking naizzzzzz.
by Bazen May 11, 2010
5 9
Reference to a new set of females that are potentials for a group of guy friends to have sex with, derived from the word ass-cheeks.
We showed up to the party and there were chocks everywhere.
by Jonas Doctor October 18, 2010
1 7
home brewed alcohol
me an Stump made some chock, near went blind from that stuff.
by dennisrwood October 18, 2003
6 20
cajun french for cock
hey baby, wanna suck on my chock?
by chock rocks August 08, 2003
5 21
male genetalia that is infested with warts
i was watching a porno, and that guy had his chock in the chicks mouth, and she liked it!
by ray July 26, 2004
2 20