To feel shitty, to be shitty, to do shitty
"How did you do on that test?"
by Professor Macky August 28, 2004
(adjective) Has many uses, but mainly refers to the presence of an awkward jilted former lover who stains the aura of an otherwise perfectly good day.
1.) Elizabeth and Nicole's day soon turned chitty as they realized they were both having lunch next to the strange weird guy they both awkwardly tongued at the last big frat party.

2.) Wow, what a chitty dude, he thinks just by playing beer pong with a girl, that gives him the right to stick his hand in her panties.

3.) Stop being so chitty and standing behind that girl and just ask her to dance already.
by Elbert Humperdick May 11, 2009
when a girl is so fat her chin and her tits morph together.
person 1: jess is so fat, you can't even see her neck.
person 2: yeah she only has chittys
by KAZZAAA November 08, 2007
A good (person in a)family that is often unorganized but will always have controlled chaos. They love dogs and have high goals. A Chitty family is very athletic. Often their schedule is made around working and going to some kind of practice.
That's one Chitty family
by Lax5 June 27, 2015
simply some chubby titties
"Yo look at this big bitch and her chitties."

"She's got some big tits! But she's chubby, so.. Chitties."

"Hate it when you can't tell if she's fat judging from a pic. She could have some nice titties, or they could just be some chitties. And they probably have some big ass nips too."
by Chiefskeet September 20, 2014

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