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word used to define a white person acting chinese
that white man is a chite
by danny October 21, 2004
to impregnant a unicorn.
i will chite on your kitchen floor.
by Wacheyyy February 07, 2007
Gil Scott-Heron uses chite in the song/poem Comment #4 to insult "white people" who are trying to identify with "black people" and their political causes.
"You silly chite mother fucker, your great grandfather tied a ball and chain to my balls and bounced me through a cotton field... and now you want me to help you overthrow what?" (Gil Scott-Heron, Comment #4)
by Olly April 02, 2005
A chinese person trying to be/act like a white person.
This boy at my school, named Kevin, is a chite and a chigger.
by Killer Lobo March 22, 2005
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