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A girl who enjoys both chicken and fish displayed together on a platter with some tomato and basil.
Ashley you chish stop crying because michelle broke up with you.
by mchll slvgg August 16, 2007
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A word used when someone says something uncalled for. Or a word used when theres nothing else to say. It's better to say something unintelligble than nothing at all right?
Dude I'm gay.

by chishboy October 16, 2006
To end a relationship, either deliberately or through apathy (passive chish)
"I've had enough of this, let's chish"

"Why did Joanne chish me?"

"So do you think it's chish?"

"Aww man, Can't believe I'm been chished again"

"Hey, after a year with no contact she suddenly unchished"

"So is this chish?"

"Just cuz he hasn't got back to you doesn't mean he's actively chishing you, it might just be passive chish. Try calling him."
by Chama November 11, 2007

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