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A word which heightens the severity of the chirping. Meaning, someone or a few someones who chirp like it's their job.

You can also add the year at the end of it to really over-embelish the chirping. But the year must be said like "oh-seven" or "oh-eight" for it to make sense.
Heather: Wow did you see all that shit Cam and Dave were saying to each other on facebook?
Orley: No I didn't see!
Heather: Pretty much chirpfest 08 (oh-eight)
Orley: wow, I totally understand
by Hsmart08 August 13, 2008
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The act of dissing any person, place or thing by a group of two or more people.
Keshia P: Mary is a nasty, ashy hoeee!
Keshia G: Bitch slept with my brother, boyfriend AND neighbour
Keshia A: Whoa chirp fest!
by daggski November 12, 2007

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