The definition of Chirags are referred to the object or act of losing the most important things you own such as wallet, keys, or cellular phone. If you lose any of these named objects then you have lost your chirags.
Dear lord, I lost my chirags for the third time this week, this is getting ridiculous.
#nice #american #fun #loving #and caring...all antonyms
by Sandy Melo November 15, 2009
The Combined Weight of everyone at a macdonalds during lunch time
Oh God, The Buidling is stuffed with chirags, RUN AWAY!
by Ixplodestuff8 - batman - tnt October 30, 2003
to make sexual innuendos in far fetched situations and botsz the situation or seriousness of a productive chinwag. Usually disregarded by his fellow peers
Speaker 1: bro that test was so hard aye
Speaker 2: that's what she said
Speaker 1: nah dry - stop chiragging it
#penis love #botz #botzmaster #douschebag #dork
by GayGod June 11, 2011
a chute bucket with no sense of dignity. A gay fag who despises homos.
I dont like girls or guys so they call me a chirag
#homo #raheem #zeshan #ali #girl
by ccuedufggj August 22, 2006
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