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A mispronunciation of "chipotle."

Instead of phonetically reading the word, as "chee-POtlay," white Americans are known to reverse the "L" and "T" due to that arrangement being more common in both British English and American English.

Pronounced incorrectly as "chee-pull-tay," it is also, ironicaly, a Spanglish insult meaning, "Honkey can't pronounce borrowed words at all."
"Wanna go tuh that Chipolte res'traunt after golf, Horace?"

"Sure... how bout you, Miguel?"

(sighs) "...fine. Chee-Pot-lay is the right way to pronounce that... not chiplolte... nevermind...You guys are idiots, by the way."
by E. B. DeKalb July 16, 2011
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