A groundbreaking and revolutionary new way for gangsters, thieves and other assorted pikeys to steal money out of your bank account in a way that means they don’t have to practise your signature anymore. A “chip” is inserted in your bank card that contains all the details of your hard-earned savings account so that in the event of someone stealing your card, all of the information is right there for them.
Thieving Pikey #1 - Hey, I’ve found a chip and pin card lying in this man’s wallet
Thieving Pikey #2 - Sweet. Lets take it to my ten-year-old brother’s computer and hack all of the information out of it.
Thieving Pikey #1 - Then we can hire that Paris Hilton movie everyone's been on about.
Thieving Pikey #2 - Movie? With this baby we can hire Paris Hilton

by The Boy Biff June 13, 2006
Top Definition
Rhyming slang for 'grin'.
Although this phrase is usually compressed in the vernacular, one could still use; "Look at the chip and pin on her". More commonly; Wipe that chip off you face, What's he chipping at?, She's got a chip like a Cheshire Cat.
by DJ Blisterpack November 22, 2006
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