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Facial appendages present on the Draenei race of World of Warcraft.
"What do you mean there is an octopus on my face?" -Draenei Male /silly emote
Draenei look so awesome! I really like their chintacles!
by ChildwithHeadphones February 06, 2007
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chin·ta·cle, n.

Including, but not limited to unsightly facial hair growth in post-menopausal women. Named as such due to the hypnotically disturbing and tentacle/serpentine manner the whiskers protrude from the face.

May also be applied to young men who, while attempting to grow out their facial hair, allow isolated and unsightly whiskers to develop into disturbing albeit not as surprising tentacle/serpentine growths. Failure to attend to the rogue whiskers may result in becoming a permavirgin
1. Dude, your grandmother may be the nicest lady on this planet, but I get freaked out by those chintacles that she has going on out there. Can't she just pluck them out?

2. That crazy cat lady better watch out: Perseus may be after her - what with those chintacles, and all.

3. Dude, I respect the side burns and don't mind the 'stache you're growing there, but damn - kill the chintacles, please! They're making you a permavirgin, and threatening to strangle small animals.
by Echo Pryce November 23, 2009
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