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When you use a dildo on your chin
from "Californication" S04E07 by Hank Moody.
ex1: "A dildo you strap it to your head so that the long part just out from your chin.
It enables you to accommodate your lady
by performing oral and penetrato at the same time.
You know, like... Like Chinocchio" Hank Moody

ex2: "omg, I luv ur mustache! Looks like the monobrow of chin-occhio" Borat's sister
by kiwiz February 22, 2011
One who lies constantly, resulting in the expansion of his or her mouth and chin.
Guy 1: Dayum, that girl's mouth is HUGE!
Guy 2: She must be a chinocchio.
by BaguetteInTheButt July 09, 2014

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