n. Cocaine
I heard Tim's been doing a lot of chino.
by Charles February 12, 2004
Top Definition
chinese in spanish...

and also...lead singer of the deftones!
chino moreno is fat now.
by carem April 05, 2003
A pair of khaki pants that tends to fit better than your average pair of Dockers. Unfortunately, these pants tend to come in some pretty flamboyant colors most people should avoid.
"Woah, nice salmon chinos... douche bag."
by DrRock710 June 21, 2008
In Peru: man of asian origins. Can be used as a gentle insult or a tease (between friends and relatives for example). General way of describing a Peruvian with asian traits.
by Matéo Pumakawa August 24, 2003
A pretty small, typical, suburban city in the San Bernardino County that's often mistaken for Chino Hills. Where hoodrats are bffs with preps and wannabe skaters run around. Many unintelligent people think the place is ghetto because of the way it was portrayted in the O.C. But that's only less than partially true. Mountain View Park is basically the unofficial border in Chino, that seperates ghetto Chino from good Chino. Mostly mexicans&whites live in the area, but a small, growing population of Asians. Nothing to do except watch movies at Harkins&hang out at the Shoppes. Which btw are in Chino HILLS, so extra 10 minute drive if you wanna have fun in Chino.
You: So where do you live?
Me: Chino
You: OH, you mean Chino Hills!? You must be rich!
Me: Oh no..just Chino.
by lilyashlee June 30, 2009
A neighbourhood near L.A., featured in the OC (perhaps a tad inaccurately, incorrectly portraying it as "the wrong side of the tracks"), which produced such fine, upstanding fictional characters as Ryan Atwood, Trey Atwood and Theresa WellMeaningSeductiveHoe.
Why don't you just go back to Chino? I'm sure there's a really nice car in the parking lot that you can steal!
Mexicans use this word to describe anyone of Asian descent even if you are not Chinese. If you hear a mexican saying "Pinche Chino" that means they don't like Asians..
Beaner #1 Did you see that Chino driving??
Beaner #2 Ya that pinche chino almost crashed into me yesterday.
by TheGreatbambeaner December 30, 2010
A type of trouser made from chino cloth. Although they are very comfortable and soft, they come in the most grotesque colours possible which really makes them stand out. The fact that they are sold in excess in stores such as Abercrombie and Jack Wills doesn't help their reputation much either.
Chinos, the everyday hipster's choice of trouserwear.
by EvilFruitPie February 23, 2012
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