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Chino, one of the 909's clean cities.
It was bigger until 1989, it split off to become the upper middle class hellhole I live in right now, Chino Hills.
Me: Your from Chino?
Him: Sure.
by RandyC July 11, 2004
The former part of the 909. 951 is where the 909's white trash resides. Thankfully we (Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Ontariom, Most of Redlands, Big Bear) are seperated from the white trash (Most of Riverside County and San Berdoo).
Me: I'm from the 909
Me: No, your thinking of the new 951 Area Code!
Some Guy: My bad. Your like a 714 or 626 guy!
by RandyC July 11, 2004
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