When you take a picture, and your eyes appear squinty.
Person 1: Cute picture!

Person2: Thanks, but damn, I'm chinkin'!!
by brrysweet21 July 23, 2010
Adjective describing a person of any race.

Extremely adept at mathematics, string instruments, and the piano, however, somewhat grammatically challenged.
"Damn, that fool's Chinkin'!"

"Who's that Chinkin' fella over there? He's so good at the piano, but I can barely understand what he's saying."
by P0liticallyInc0rrect February 11, 2013
Chinkin: The act of chillin and drinkin, usually with friends or in large groups. Sometimes alone, but rare.

see also: Drungry, Frozie
Hey, what you up to? Shit foo, just chinkin!
by Danimal the Animal December 26, 2005
just chilling in a "nerdy" way.
Lisa simpson was chinkin' when she wore chanel sun glasses 2 school.
by Bud July 27, 2003
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