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Chiglet: covert word used in automotive repair facilities for Afro Americans who are urban in nature, who want to talk you down on a price or wont take good advice when it comes to the safety of thier vehicle. They would rather put chrome hubcaps on than do a proper brake job.
That Chinglet got all that bling bling, rims and he won't get a fucking alignment??
by YDNA RunDPMG November 12, 2006
A baby or young Ching. They are usually adopted at this age and their squinted eyes are considered cute, not made fun of..yet.
Balthazar: Aww look at that little Chinglet!! He's so cute!
Horace: Yeah but not for long, his squinted eyes will become overpowering.
by aznkitty May 09, 2011
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