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A dingleberry of the beard. Derived from the word chin and dingleberry. Usually the result from performing rather immoral activities.
When Kevin saw Ed enter the room he exclaimed, "Dude, whose ass have you been eating! That is one mean chingleberry you have there."
by BillyBarou February 29, 2008
When someone grows hair on their ass chin and food gets stuck in it.
"yoo your beard is deisel"
"Damn really?"
"Yo i think you got some crums in their"
"damn i got a chingleberry"
by Wooplah April 24, 2009
left over fecal matter on chest hair.
like a dingleberry, except a chingleberry is left in ones chest hair. if this has happened to you, you have been chingled.
by shitstreak1 November 01, 2008
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