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Pronounced chinga-lѐ

Purposefully incorrect use of the Spanish word for fuck. Slang.

As a verb - Fuck It or Whatever.

As a noun "The Chingale" - To be fucked or screwed over by someone or something.
Noun example:
Guy 1: "Hey man why were you late for class today?"
Guy 2: "Shit, I got pulled over two times in 28 minutes"
Guy 1: "Did you get a ticket?"
Guy 2: "Yah, both times!"
Guy 1: "Man you got the chingale!"

Verb example:
Officer (second stop): "Son, is that ticket there on your seat from today?
Guy 2: "Chingale!"

by jmlee44 November 25, 2008
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The purposefully incorrect use of the spanish word for fuck.
verb: fuck it or whatever
noun: "the chingalé" when u or someone gets screwed over.
guy 1: dude why were you late for class?

guy 2: man, i tried to speed over here but i got pulled over twice in 28 minutes. got both tickets.

guy 1: whoa, u got the chingalé


cop: son. is that a ticket from today sittn' right there?

guy 2: Chingalé!
by eldrewado November 30, 2008
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