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A measure of obesity based on the number of chins on a person. It is quoted as a "chindex of..." or "chindex factor of" followed by a number. A single chin (chindex of 1) generally reflects a lack of obesity. A second chin (chindex factor of 2) suggests the individual is overweight. Chindices, the plural of chindex, that are greater than 2 indicate that the individual is a fat mess. A chindex of 0 suggests the individual lacks a jaw, probably from a medical condition or horrific incident. If you have a chindex of 0, you have a fucked-up lookin' face.
Q: Hey, did you hook up with that chick last night? She looked hot but I was pretty liquored up.

A: No, dude you must have been really fucked up. She was gastric-bypass big...she had a chindex of 5.
by JEUNT June 07, 2010
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