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The chilong is a hornless dragon in Chinese mythology. It has been adapted to modern slang to describe someone who talks crap unnecessarily, usually as a way to overcompensate for insecurities or self-perceived inadequacies. The short version being, little penis, big mouth.
Player-1 to Player-2: nice block!

Chilong: My grandma plays basketball better than you and she's dead.

Player-2 to Player-1: Ignore that douche. He's just made because he has a small penis.
by Aeyt June 27, 2013
Person with small penis and big mouth, nuff' said.
Classmate 429 : MY story is gewd!

Chilong : Noob you suck at making stories.

Classmate 430 : What a fag.
by Jonathan572 May 28, 2011